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Morels troll us

Written by
Morchella Purpurascens Morchella Purpurascens

The first attempt to search for morel, the queen of edible mushrooms, took place in a pine forest in Attica, at low altitude. After about 30 minutes, we found the first one, which the writer almost stepped on. She was standing next to my shoe, speechless, dark, beautiful. We took courage and continued with appetite. Unfortunately the forest had other plans. For more than 2 hours we wandered around but the one and only first morel was left alone in the basket.

morchellaMorchella Dunalii

This year, after more than 1 year of quarantine and restrictions we went to the same forest, with the same results. Failure! After we decided that we was not our lucky day, In a while, we see a dog raising its foot in a place where the ground was rising above the road and was paved with moss. I brake lightly and as if by magic a few inches above the dog, we see a large morel! Searching around we find a few more. A few days later, in a fir forest of Boeotia, after several hours of fruitless searching, we decide to leave. It is as if the forest had ears, a few meters away we find the first one. after wards we collect many more. A good batch!

Morchella or morel includes several species which are all edible. It is easily recognizable by its shape (conical, or round, or long) and the dimples on the hat. However, care should be taken not to be confused with Gyromitra sp which, while it used to be eaten, is now considered toxic because it causes gyromitra syndrome.

Appears late February - early March to late April - early May, depending on humidity and temperature conditions and habitat. It is sought after by mushroom lovers, with a taste unlike any other. Personally, I enjoy it in the pan with a little onion, salt and pepper and lemon. Its rich taste does not need much to stand out. Note that it takes good cooking for at least 15 minutes to get rid of a heat-soluble toxin.


morchella exuberansMorchella Exuberans

Hard to find, delicious, the morels are a first class opportunity to wander in the forest during the most beautiful season of the year, Spring.

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