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Meet the great king Stropharia

King Stropharia mushrooms King Stropharia mushrooms Photo: Wikipedia

Stropharia rugosoannulata or Wine Cap Stropharia or King Stropharia is a large mushroom found first in North America and then in Europe, New Zealand and elsewhere. It grows in gardens and coexists well with other plants as it contributes to the dissolution of dead plant matter and at the same time releases nutrients. It got the designation Wine Cap because of the color of the cap when it is young. Later, the cap turns golden yellow and finally brown. The gills are initially gray, then take on purple hues and eventually turn purple-black.

King Stropharia has a delicate aroma that resembles a potato cooked in wine, while the stem has an asparagus texture. They have minimal calories, while they contain very low amounts of sodium. But at the same time they contain iron, protein and calcium that make them ideal for a healthy and nutritious diet.

It can be easily grown on straw balls, usually in spring and summer.

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